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Maureen Davis

This membership is the ' BEST '

Step by Step instructions by Donna such a friendly group of crafty members

4 months ago
Gaylene Coombes

This whole membership is amazing

I have joined recently and love all the courses. They are informative and easy to follow. Donna is the Queen of craft and is there to help when needed.

4 months ago

Youtube Video's

Youtube is huge, it has so many video's that some find it simply overwhelming. Watching too many video's can leave you confused.

If you don't know where to start, it's hard to find out what you need to know.

Some video's play so fast you can't make out what they do?

Some video's leave some parts out and you really needed to know about that bit.

Some channel creators have never made it before, and are showing you how to make something winging it through the tutorial, hoping it turns out or correcting the make along the way.

There's no personal access to the creators that make the video's, other than a comment, how many times have you left a comment and not been replied too? (not taking away from the ones who do)

Creators don't give out more than basic freebies, they, including myself give out 1 page digital downloads as thank you gifts from time to time. As for Junk Journals, you have to buy digital kits or join membership groups to get the good stuff

This Membership group is small enough to look after all of our members, focusing on one thing from start to finish.

 If you love the creation part and just want to get straight into it and follow a structured lesson, you don't have to watch all the video's to find out which one is right for you, you look at the journal or the project you want to make and focus on that one lesson from start to finish, everything you need to know is in that one lesson.

I don't use fast forward in my video lessons, only if it's a section where i'm using glue or cutting a piece of paper in half, I never leave out the little details, if your a beginner those details are important and highlighted.

If you're interested in creating junk journals, but have no idea where to start I make sure the Journal that I'm going to show you how to make turns out super duper great!! no making things on the fly in our lessons.

I chat with members often if you ask a question I will reply as soon as I see it, both in the community area in the membership group, because we have our own social area. Or we chat Live in our private members only Facebook group. that's right i'm reachable, active and available online everyday to help out should you need it.

If you're new to the world of junk journals and you're looking for a mentor, a teacher that can inspire you this Membership group is awesome for that. I supply patterns and templates to all the junk journals we make, plus guides and printables.



We're new right now and there are New Course's being added regularly to give you more inspiration, ideas, and instructions for your next creation. So, the fun never stops!

printable patterns

Instead of figuring out the measurements yourself, we give you printable patterns to create the perfect junk journals & ephemera.

custom printables

Custom created printables to print and stick inside your junk journal including pages, designer papers, and more.


self paced step-by-step instructions and guidance from A to Z on the entire process of junk journal and ephemera creations.

loving community

We have a community right here inside this membership as well as a FB Group, lets see which one you prefer?


creating on your own is no fun. Being able to share it with others, get feedback & encouragement makes all the difference in the world. 

Do you want to ask me a question?

Because your here I can see you want to join our membership or you want to book a time to have a chat with me,
I'm available for zoom chats,
what would you like to do next? 


Really great tutorial
I've just finished making this lovely Journal and I'm so delighted with the result. Donna's instructions are really easy to follow and she gives you so much help with all the fantastic patterns and downloads provided. I also found it really good being able to work at my own pace.. I can think of a lot of different uses for this journal - mine will be a Gardener's Journal. I found it a fantastic one to start with and I learnt some great new skills. Thanks Donna.

Maureen R
Home Crafter

Fantastic Tutorial!
I just completed this tutorial of the Travelers Notebook. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun I had and how much I learned. Donna’s teaching style and knowledge of the subject is a- mazing. Everything is explained in such a manner that there is no way you can fail. It was so much fun to take everything step by step and end up with a great journal. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to get started on the next project!

Donna R-H
Home Crafter

Outstanding Class that is Worth Every Penny and More
I finally have completed a journal that turned out and I can be proud of showing. I can't thank you enough for all of your wonderful tips. It has saved me from destroying pages and another journal! Thank you so much for starting something like this for those of us that have not had much direction. This has been a wonderful and exciting experience. Thank you Donna!

Sue B 
Home Crafter

"Donna's video course makes it easy to learn how to make your very first junk journal. I found it very easy to follow along with her step-by-step instructions. I know I'll be making more after this. They are so much fun!"

Cheryl W
Romance Author

  "Thank you Donna. I absolutely love your videos and instructions. This little journal is so cute and would make a great gift that can be personalised. Your videos are so easy to follow. Your tutorials are awesome." 

Ann B
Home Crafter

 "Your instructional videos were clear, very concise, and easy to follow your step by step process. I think you covered every misstep we could make toward creating our junk journal.” Remember I’m 75 and not quite good at following orders." 

Joanne O
Home Crafter

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“Every masterpiece begins with AN IDEA”

Hi, I'm Donna

(just being me) Creator and teacher at Junk Journal Ideas

I live in the beautiful Upper Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia and I've been blessed with being able to turn my passion for Junk Journal creations into a full time occupation from home.

We have 2 dogs a big boy and a wee girl, he's a big sook!
I've been married to my wonderful and supportive husband for 20 years, we have 4 kids and 7 grandies.

My journey started in 2009 and it's been my pleasure to create informative, helpful, practical "how-to" videos which has evolved into how to make junk journals and ephemera.

What makes this Junk Journal membership different from anything else available online, is that I've learnt digital skills in order to transfer my teachings in a high-quality fashion through video creation, video editing, pattern making, graphic design, and many other skills that I absolutely love doing.