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Today I want to tell you about a lesson I have put together on how to make this Mason Jar Window Tag. I saw this idea online but there was no tutorial for it or no mason jar pattern to download, so I have created this and made it my own way. It's a cool tag that can also be made and used as a journaling card. What's great about it is it's not too big or hard to make, and you can make it in any theme to go with any of your journals or a happy mail.
  Here's how it works...
you just hold onto it and pull up and the lid comes off, it has this clear removable acetate window that you can stick little butterfly stickers on (any stickers really) You can make a pile of Mason Jars to put in your Journals or add to your Happy Mail!.
About the lesson...
You simply follow the lesson using the printables and watch the well-paced video's, and you have direct contact with me as your mentor. Listen - you really are getting all this for ONE DOLLAR.  And access to the video lesson doesn't expire, so if you're slow it doesn't matter!
AND... I assure you this is not a trick
no, it won't automatically roll over into the full membership taking your money every month, it's a one time one dollar spend.
if you want to join as a monthly member you choose to do that on your own, it's a separate offer altogether.


If you want to make some of these little Mason Jars, I want to send you the Lesson today for $1
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Click it and tell me where to send your log in details, when you've done that pay your one dollar and I'll send it to you straight away.

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MEMBERS who LOVE it here

Sass Hammant
Home Crafter

"Donna's step by step approach to explaining everything along with the video tutorial makes this journal a "Can't Fail" lesson... You do such a fantastic job Donna, it is always a pleasure to craft along with you. I hope to be here with you for many more lessons in the future" Cheers Sass.

Sue Benz
Home Crafter

 "I finally have completed a journal that turned out and I can be proud of showing. I can't thank you enough for all of your wonderful tips. It has saved me from destroying pages and another journal! Thank you so much for starting something like this for those of us that have not had much direction. This has been a wonderful and exciting experience" Thank you Donna!

Donna Rainey
Home Crafter

"I just completed this tutorial of the Travelers Notebook.  I can’t begin to tell you how much fun I had and how much I learned.  Donna’s teaching style and knowledge of the subject is a- mazing.  Everything is explained in such a manner that there is no way you can fail.  It was so much fun to take everything step by step and end up with a great journal.  It was a great experience and I can’t wait to get started on the next project!"

Maureen Rice
Home Crafter

"I had such fun doing this journal and I love that's it's an ongoing project. Gradually filling it up with new ideas will be so good.  I've included pages from my stash that I didn't think I'd ever use and it'll be a good challenge trying to make them work and hopefully to get to like them. Thanks Donna"


and to get in touch, email me

Now I've got you to here, have a look at the one dollar one lesson and when you join this and have a look around I'm going to invite you to become a monthly member.

 When you're ready to join the monthly membership, I will teach you how to make many more things like this Mason Jar window tag.

Because i'm interested, let me know what went well for you, and if you want to chat with me personally I can arrange a zoom call to talk to you about what you can achieve here in the monthly membership.
 Donna Phillips 

EMAIL... get in touch

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Want to ask me a question?

Donna Phillips

Founder and Creator (Australia)

welcome and thanks for dropping in and having a look at this wonderful membership group.
I started this group back in February 2021 because even though there's free tutorials on Youtube, I found that you were still having trouble getting started and understanding some of the video's and methods that are being taught.
I do have a teaching style that has been praised by so many and it's because of my teaching style that this membership is successful.
I create and supply patterns, templates and printables that go along with the classes to make it a whole lot easier for you to get started and actually finish making a journal or some fun ephemera. Ephemera can be tags, tickets or a printable of an old item i might have to share with you.
There's an email box above if you want to have a chat about the membership before you jump in, these days you have to be sure that your money is well spent.
Hugs Donna